IQ is not everything

No test your iq » doubt IQ tests have their significance. However, since it has been shown over time that people’s other qualities and abilities cannot be proven based on their intelligence quotient, it was necessary to put together tests that online iq test » would be more valid (i.e. that would measure what they really set out to measure – the intelligence of the person as a whole).

Thus, the emotion quotient – EQ – emerged in addition to the tests iq » intelligence quotient . The emotion quotient includes other personality characteristics that the IQ test cannot measure – the ability to discern one’s emotions, to take advantage of the positive ones and control the negative ones, self-motivations, the average iq » intuitions, associations, empathies, interpersonal relationships, and the ability to deal with people and among people. While the IQ test probes your logical thinking , the EQ reveals something about your creativity and social behavior

An inseparable pair: IQ and EQ

But there are additional differences between the IQ mensa iq test » and the EQ.

- While our IQ is given to us to a great extent from our birth, the level of the EQ changes over the course of life, thanks to experiences, self-control and online iq tests » adaptation to the requirements of society. And, of course, it is also much easier to train than logical thinking.

The EQ is very difficult to measure with any kind of objective tests. It is iq test online » much easier to measure the IQ. You can try it here , for instance.

Still, both types of intelligence are important for our life in society. Extreme values of one type without the corresponding other on line iq test » type are more of a burden. If you are a genius, but you are unable to summarize your geniality into words and present your ideas before the scientific community, then your high IQ is take iq test » worthless. If you are creative, but you are unable to give your creativity some sort of wider scope, for example, if you cannot sell your artistic item for a market price arrived at logically, you will be hungry.


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