Not all test are alike

Not all tests that appear to be IQ tests are the same. This is because it depends on what exactly it is measuring. On this test your iq » basis, the composition of the questions and tasks will also differ.

From head to toe - Comprehensive tests, of which the measurement of the intelligence quotient is a mere fraction, will online iq test » thoroughly test you.

Only IQ - Partial IQ tests then concentrate solely on one component of personality; in our case, this would be merely determining the intelligence coefficient.

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What does an IQ test look like?

The tests iq » standard IQ test that we normally encounter contains several typical tasks, which correspond to testing the fundamental mental capabilities as differentiated by Louis Thurston:

  • verbal understanding
  • verbal the average iq » fluency
  • inductive reasoning
  • spatial vision
  • numbers
  • memory
  • speed of perception

A time set for completing these tests is mostly limited.

Why are there so many tests that always deliver different IQ scores?

The great demand for intelligence tests means mensa iq test » that assorted IQ-test imitations have sprung up.


If experts have not compiled a test, it could mean that the resulting IQ score will not reflect reality. online iq tests » An expert has compiled the tests we have presented to you here.

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A person’s IQ score does not change a great deal during one’s lifetime, but iq test online » in view of developments in human thinking, it is necessary to always adapt the tests to the given time. Slight deviations in the scores may also be on line iq test » the result of factors influencing us at the time that we sit the test. If you want to have these factors under control please read our advice and instructions on take iq test » to get the best from your head.


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