I know my IQ – what am I capable of?

You know your IQ, but don’t know what to do with this information? Simple – we will tell you what the numbers mean, what you should, according to the test, be able to manage, and what areas you would be best advised not to embark upon. We will also show you how many people in the world have approximately the same IQ as you do.

So you don’t know your IQ yet?

So simply read our tips and advice and get to work.

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Let us evaluate all your tests focused on different abilities. This will provide you with the relevant information about your IQ.

My IQ is above 120 – I am a genius!

Included in the category above 120 are of course genii, whose inventions often make our everyday lives easier, test your iq » but also genii whose formulae and inventions also add to our school curricula and make our school exams more unpleasant. Included among this circle of people will no doubt be another Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Stephen Hawking…

It is very easy to recognise such people – they certainly have letters before and after their name indicating the levels of education they have attained, they completed university with ease, and humbled more than a few university lecturers with their knowledge. Some of the hand around libraries, others scribble incomprehensible equations on paper. Incomprehensible at least to the online iq test » majority of the population. True genii as rare as hen’s teeth. Despite this fact, anyone with an IQ in this category can manage to graduate from university.

These people also have it easier in employment – thanks to their intellect, organisational abilities or creativity they often go on to become managers and even scientists.


IQ score Abilities % of the population
IQ over 140 Genii - They have perfect prerequisites for becoming scientists and devising inventions, and discovering something exceptional. 0.2 %
IQ up to 140 Exceptional intelligence - They are well equipped for research and science, as well as for organisation and management roles. 2.8 %
IQ up to 130 High intelligence - After completion the course of study of their choice, they become creative and capable managers. 6 %
IQ up to 120 Above average intelligence - Maybe they will not get selected by the university of their choice the first time round, but they shall nevertheless manage to get in and graduate and to in the end get a good job on the labour market. 12 %


Merely above average intelligence? What does it mean!

People with average intelligence may think that something important eludes them. They think that nature was very unfair to them while endowing others with a great deal more intelligence. But that’s not the case. The reason is that an IQ score is not always an tests iq » indicator of a person’s capabilities, and it is hardly authoritative in assessing the overall character of people. For that matter, you undoubtedly know someone in your vicinity who is a bookworm, a walking encyclopedia, devising one perpetuum mobile after another... And try to find out or recall whether this same person is capable of cooking a steak, going for a beer with friends at the pub, knit a jumper, singing a song... That’s right, each one of us has some ability and something we can’t do. Just because we can’t solve a crossword puzzle or fail our school-leaving examination does not the average iq » mean the end-all and be-all. Even in spite of these failures we can still climb pretty high on the social and career ladder.


IQ score Abilities % of the population
IQ up to 110 Highly average intelligence - University studies will be difficult. It will take a great deal of effort, sacrifice and courage. Despite this, they may manage to graduate and be perceived by others as successful. 25 %
IQ up to 100 Average intelligence - It is better to concentrate on vocational college with an extension and vocational secondary schools rather than to toil at university, which they are quite likely not to even enjoy. They may not reach a management position, but they need not earn their living by manual labour alone. 25 %
IQ up to 90

Slightly below-average intelligence - – School-leaving examination is not a duty. These people will feel a lot better in apprenticeship or manual professions.

10 %

IQ up to 80

Slightly feeble minded - They have problems with studies at primary school. However, at special schools, which satisfy their needs, they handle the curriculum without any problems.

10 %

Below-average intelligence? Then it appears that you are not reading this article by yourself...

If you have managed to read the paragraph to this point, you probably do not belong in the group of people with below-average intelligence. This is because people lacking intelligence would have problems to even understand the sentences, let alone to start the Internet browser.


IQ score Abilities % of the population
IQ up to 70 Feeble-minded (debility) - Feeble-minded people have problems completing even special school. If they have someone who spends time teaching them and is patient they can manage to complete special school. 6.8 %
IQ up to 50 Medium feeble-minded (imbecility) - It is very difficult to impart any abstract knowledge. Nevertheless, there are able, to a certain extent, to take care of themselves. 2 %
IQ up to 20 Extremely feeble-minded (idiocy) - People who are extremely feeble-minded are fully dependent on the help of others. They lack even basic habits. Explaining anything to them, even the meaning of a certain word, is often to no avail – they have their own self-contained world. Less than 0.2 %

But beware, there’s a catch!

Do not fall victim to either panic or pride. Intelligence does not unambiguously determine whether you will graduate from secondary school, whether you will complete university, or whether you will discover a mensa iq test » miracle drug. Intelligence measured using IQ tests is only a fraction of the human personality. A whole range of psychological factors plays a part in a person‘s success in life. And yes, there’s another factor of success – chance

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