Getting the maximum result on IQ tests

Intelligence is of course, to a significant extent, determined by our personality. Despite this fact, up to 30% of the IQ score can be influenced by the environment and circumstances prevailing while a person is completing an IQ test. We will advise you how best to complete an IQ test.

Tip of the Day

Let us evaluate all your tests focused on different abilities. This will provide you with the relevant information about your IQ.

Before commencing an IQ test:

- Give your body what it needs: Don’t be too full or hungry. Don’t be drowsy or test your iq » tired.

- Time: Count on the fact that completing the test will take up some of your free time. Prepare for this and do not be disturbed by anyone or anything at this time. Switch off your mobile phone, and do not schedule any visits.

- Quiet: Make sure that nothing distracts you. Television or radio wreck concentration. Ask your family members to leave you alone and not online iq test » to disturb you during this time. If they are doing roadwork below your windows or if there is heavy traffic, postpone the test to a more quiet time (weekend, after the completion of the noisy work).

- Preparation: Before you start the test, get a few pieces of paper for notes and writing implements. If you drink a lot, prepare a glass of water, so that tests iq » you do not need to leave the test if you want to have a drink. Go to the toilet before commencing.

- Get into the right frame of mind: Select a day for the test when you will not be pressed by any rock in your shoe – no deadline, closing date, etc. If you are pushing something in front of you that cannot be postponed, you will, at the very least, the average iq » be thinking about it subconsciously, and your performance will not be 100%. Nevertheless, mild stress is a prerequisite for achieving good results. Motivate yourself towards achieving the performance – try to remind yourself that these tests are important for your career, that you will have to show your IQ score to your friends and acquiantances.

- Pleasant environment: Try to ensure that ideal conditions prevail in the mensa iq test » room where you take the test – the temperature should be around 18 °C, without a draft, and without stale air.

In completing an IQ test:

- Read the rules - Every test can differ somewhat in its requirements – find out whether there is a time limit for completing the test, whether you can make notes, etc.

- Read the question carefully - Pay attention to the way the question is formulated, especially to the negative statements online iq tests » contained in the instructions (e.g. which of the objects is suitable/not suitable...)

- Do not guess - Try to complete the tasks dutifully – do not guess the results without having read the question.

- If I do not know - If you come across a task that you are unable to solve at that given point in time, set it aside until the end. First, solve the simple tasks, and then return to iq test online » the more difficult ones. Otherwise, you will lose valuable time – instead of thinking in vain, you can gain points elsewhere.

- Don’t panic - If you have a feeling that you know the solution, but are unable to justify it even at the end of the test, trust your intuition.


You can influence the result of the test slightly by completing tests on a trial basis on line iq test » – the tasks will seem difficult the first time, as you will need to comprehend their structure. After a while, you will discover that similar types of tasks recur in all of the tests.

Monitor your performance

Monitor how your performance changes in relation to the time of the day. Everyone’s biorhythm is slightly different – some people are sharp in the morning, whereas others are more take iq test » active and aware in the evening.

Ready? Then get into it!

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