IQ tests as a fashion trend

Doing IQ tests has become a very popular activity today. On the one hand, society places significant emphasis on human performance. The intelligence quotient that we obtain from an IQ test your iq » test then plays an important role in assessing performance and in comparing people (e.g. during the course of university admission tests or in employment applications). It is then online iq test » natural for a person to want to know his or her IQ and to know what to expect in life.

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On the other hand, there is one’s desire to learn more oneself the average iq » and the satisfaction from knowing one’s place in society.

Tip of the Day

Did you know that “IQ” stands for “Intelligence Quotient”?

How to go about doing an IQ test?

If you are embarking in an IQ test for the first time, or think that the results of the mensa iq test » last IQ test you did do not correspond to your capabilities, we have prepared some advice on how to minimise the factors that may negatively influence how your online iq tests » intelligence performs when contemplating the questions contained in the IQ test.

How do you complete an IQ test?


Intelligence testing is not something new

The desire to determine people‘s intelligence appeared a long time ago. Unfortunately, the history of intelligence iq test online » testing has been accompanied by attempts to prove that some human races are superior to others. Today’s intelligent testing has an entirely different character, different starting points and on line iq test » different premises. It is known that an IQ score says nothing of the character of the test subjects as such.

In the beginning, IQ tests were different from take iq test » those used today.

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